Kelly Educational Staffing Press Kit


Kelly Educational Staffing (KES) is a specialty service of Kelly Services, the first staffing provider to develop a comprehensive education talent management solution. After receiving a unique request from a customer in Gulfport, Mississippi to supply substitute teachers, KES was launched in 1997. Fast-forward twenty years later and KES now partners with 7,000+ public, private and charter schools across 35 states, providing quality substitute teacher staffing and management solutions. And that customer in Gulfport? STILL a KES partner district!

Today, KES is the No. 1 educational staffing provider and is supported through an extensive network of dedicated U.S. branches, sales teams, and engagement specialists, all who share a common philosophy –the education of students is a shared responsibility. And that philosophy is demonstrated through the commitment and vested interest our staff has in the local communities in which we operate – the same communities in which they live and send their children to school.

Our collective work takes on a new urgency as the teacher shortage becomes more critical. Together we are empowering overwhelmed principals, administrative staff, and teachers in communities across the U.S. to stay true to their core mission of educating students. We fill their classrooms, decrease their costs, strengthen the quality of substitute teachers in their schools, remove administrative burden, and provide powerful data analytics, all to support their mission of advancing student achievement.

Beyond the classroom, we hire full-time teachers, manage substitute teachers and after school programs, as well as provide para-professionals, custodians, cafeteria workers, administrative assistants, school nurses, and more. Simply put, our job is to make the job easier for our partner schools and the students’ learning outcomes better. It’s a job we do with pride, knowing that each new partnership win for KES is also a win for our communities.

At Kelly, we have chosen to invest in creating a future where KES is able to make a difference in a younger generation of students.